It was not too long ago, when I checked into the clown motel in Tonapah, NV. The onwer told me a story about a room I should stay away from, And I was suprised to hear what room it was. Room 6. I got room 7, which was next door. So It didn't bother me. But I did get a bit of the chills in my mind. I walked to my room and took one good look inside. A normal hotel room, with a T.V, and 2 soft beds, and creepy clown pictures and a statue next to the bathroom. I decided to watch some T.V and get some rest, and right when I was going to fall asleep I smelt a disgusting smell. Like a fresh puke smell, coming from outside the hotel. I looked outside and saw nothing, but the tonapah cemetery. I ignored it, and went to bed. Half an hour later again I woke up to the smell of fresh puke. This time with a scream, and a loud bang like somebody collapsing. This time I walked outside, to knock on the owners door. I complained, about a puke smell, the sound of screaming, and a loud thud like somebody collapsed or passed out. The onwer gulped and told me, that before the hotel was built. It was once a home to a family. The father was abusive, and one night the dad stabbed the wife and she began puking and screaming ti'll she passed out. Same with the children. Then burnt the house down. He also told me ti'll this day room #6 was known as room 666. Since that's the same spot where the man killed his wife and children. I gulped and walked back to my room, where I tried not to focus on the smell. But that only made the puking smell grow smelliar, and the scremas more louder. I had enough and walked to room #6. Nobody answerd. I peeked threw the window to see a white shadow figure laying on the floor. With the smell of puke. "Okay, i'm gone tommarow", I said to myself. Running back to my room. I had to deal with the smell, all night, and by morning I checked out and never returned. The experience still haunts me ti'll this day. But I'm gonna be brave and give it a second chance.

Story is told by Brian_Gilligan


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Naw man...don't go Back!!!

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Just bust the door down and start spraying air freshener everywhere.