Last night, was supposed to be hot. And it was! It was everyday, all the time. Every single day where I live, its dry and heated in the summer and icy to the bone in the winter. All day today it was hot. In fact, one of the hottest days we've had lately. then it was suddenly pouring heavy drops of rain. roaring thunder. A weather you would typically think was mid fall. The weather changed so fast. In a blink of an eye. It was stormy. The roars each lasted around 10 seconds each. And it happend even when there wasn't any lightning. Which is odd. It made me think it was happening to the world. Like the world was growling. I mean it sounds crazy though. People know thunder is the sound of lightning. And I know that sometimes it was just lightning. But I swear it wasnt Everytime. Something happening. Something huge. And I wish I could tell you. Last night when I went to sleep, I had a dream that I looked up at the sky and the moon was a blood red color. Not just a solar eclipse sort of red. But like the color of dark blood. As I saw the moon I heard the rumbling roar again and something in me just knew that the end is super close. Something's happening right now. And its NOT good. Everyone needs to think to themselves WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO? WHO SHOULD I BE? IS THIS RIGHT? because you only have a short amount of time left before it's to late and your destiny has been set in stone. Your going to die. Make the right decision.

Story is told by Lily kitty


One of the Best stories i read so far. Keep it up