I was on the way home from a friends house one night, It was 12 o'clock, and my mom said to be home by 1 o'clock. Just as I passed the abandoned railroad tracks, my phone rang. I looked at the caller I.D it said unknown, I looked at the number, it was a 630 area code. I knew that the number came from Illinois, and I didn't know anybody there. So I just didn't answer it. About 15 mintues later, The same number called. Like what I always do, I didn't answer. Then I got a voicemail from the number. I pulled over to the side of the road to check it. And when I did I was shocked. At first there was a lot of static with a few muffled words, then a loud blood curdling scream came on, this time with words. "Your remodeling has been finished, we at boothworld industries say thanks and you have a great day". I was shocked, who was that who called? Was It a prank? I googled the number that called and It said no results founded. I immediately drove home, and tried calling my friend. He didn't pick up, I told my mom which she ended up calling the police. The cops tried calling the number and a lady picked up, "You have reached boothworld industries, your number has been loged and traced. A service recommender will be with you shortly for remodeling" Then the phone cuts to static for about a mintue before a man reached. "Boothworld Industries who would you like to be remodel today, please leave the name of the person and the date they want to be remodeld" Then the phone cut off. The cop gave the name of one of his men, and put the date tomorrow. We were all freaked out. By the next day breaking news came and said an officer has been found dead at a abandoned warehouse. Never did Boothworld call back, neither did I try to reach them.

Story is told by Brian Gilligan

Indigo Flower

Well.? That's nice....


true story!! very weird!

S L. K

I thought it was a great story