So i was walking home from a friends out one day, the street lights were coming on and i knew that i was going to be in trouble and there was no escaping it because i had another 20 minutes of walking before i got home. I was headed down the road when i heard a faint scream coming from behind me, i turned around but saw nothing, you see there were two open fields one on each side of the road so i should have been able to see something but there was nothing so i shrugged it off and kept walking. About five minutes later i hear it again but louder like it was behide me, i look again but still nothing. At that point i was getting a feeling that i should run but that was a mistake as i started running the screaming kept getting louder and louder, i looked back as i was running i finally seen what was screaming, it was a floating woman dressed in an almost see through night gown and a pale white face with almost glowing red eyes. I start running faster and faster but she is steadily behind me following me constantly screaming i thought i was going to lose my life. Finally i got home opened the door and slammed it shut behind me thinking im finally safe but i thought wrong. Five minutes go by as im trying to find my mom yelling for her but no answer, im thinking to myself she should have be hime from work already and then i hear it the scream of the woman that was chasing me before i froze as the screams grew closer and closer, i could literally feel my heart skip a beat. Finally it stopped i couldnt hear anything at all so i go to the front room to look out the window to see if she was still out there. But nothing could be seen. As i thought she was gone i hear a loud bang coming from the attic i fear she may have got in so i go in my room and hide in the closet trying to call my mom but no answer, the screaming starts again and i could hear the glass shattering outside of my room as her wailing is breaking anything that is glass. Then it all stops again i opened my closet doors thinking it was over but a second after i opened the doors my mothers head thuds on the floor and rolls right it front of me her eyes and mouth wide open then she starts to scream and a frail boney hand grabs the door and after that all i could see was those glowing red eye and then i seen nothing but darkness but those glowing red eye haunt me even in the afterlife. If you hear screams but cant see anything there is no point in running because if you hear it you are already dead.

Story is told by Woogie



S L. K

very gOOd !!!! ? i X•specially like the part, that it even hauntz U in the afterlife... cuz that leaves no guess'n of wut became of U !!! thatz sOme great stOry tell'n?