I am Jake Cummings I am 13 years old. One time my family moved into a house that I was not very comfortable in. We moved around a lot because my dad was in the army I was tired of always being the new kid in my school. The day we got all our stuff unpacked we got an Amber alert in our neighborhood. I was very scared because it was a very small town. The same I night I was getting all my stuff ready for school I heard a knock at the door. It was 1:00 in the morning u was studying and everyone else was asleep. If you're wondering why I was still studying at 1:00 in the morning I enrolled at the worst possible time, right at midterms. Our house is very big and there are three entrances so I was worried but then there was another knock at the other door at this point I was in my bedroom, when I heard another knock I looked and saw a man in a coveralls it looked like he worked at a factory or something he also had a hood and a hockey mask he was holding a machette. It was dripping blood then he looked up and I closed my curtains as fast as I possibly could. Then a machete flew right through the window and got stuck in my wall I thought what a dumb idea now he doesn't have a weapon at that point my heart sunk I saw another his hand also dripping blood but I thought who else has he murdered. I heard a door fall downstairs my only reaction was oh my God my mom woke up an hour and was eating something but then I saw a body fall onto the driveway and I said "omg my mom!" And then I ran to my mom's room and got the pistol my dad left before he got deployed and said "I have a weapon" and the man in a deep voice yelled "I do too" and I slowly walked down the stairs, right to the garage and saw a thing of gasoline, a kittie pool and a brick "I can work with this." So I filled the pool with gasoline and put a brick in front of the door so he would trip on it and when he came in he tripped on the brick and fell into the pool of gasoline but on his way down the machete caught my arm so I went to the kitchen and got a match and lit it and ran to my room and then shot him once toward the window and another time and then threw the match at him and pushed him and he fell out the window on fire then 20 minutes later the cops showed up and took him to the autopsy room and when the nurse unzipped the body bag the killer blinked and the nurse screamed. 30 minutes he was at my house again and was up on my shoulder and he whispered "Goodbye"

Story is told by night_night man