Just moved into a new house, "Its fine" she said...its not fine. While we were unpacking, i found this stupid doll in the atic, later i gave it to my sister. While she was dressing it, she found a sign.. the sign of the the devil. After a few days...one night my mom was underssing her to give her a bath..and..the sign that was on the doll..appeared on her. I heard my mom scream, and i ran upstairs. She showed me the mark...but i didnt know what it was from Didnt take to long for my sister to start acting weird...she..well..acted like a doll..she didnt move that much..and never ate....and i swear, i heared someone talking, i didnt reconize the voice...but it said "soon you'll be like me soon..." i ran in my room after that...and..my sister..well...she...she stoped breeathing, still in that sane position she had been in all night. It was sudden, she wasnt panicing..at all..like a doll.. Like any oter family, we rushed her to the hodpital..but...when she came back home..she...killed her self.. i saw i note on the table..and it read.. "Sorry mommy, daddy, sissy. I didnt want to be like dolly, it hurt, i was hungry and dolly kept hitting me when i didnt act like her, im sorry" -Molly

Story is told by BabyGirl1


Oof..teally scary..but pored that girl,she must be hurt when the doll was hitting her.Well,if im in her place,I would kill myself too,rather than being a doll.

Paranormal Activity

Scared. Lol great story

Cat vil


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More Plz:)


I really really love this so far x