I fixed the mannequin's dress, making sure it wasn't crinkled and placed it gently back on the window display. My wife and I had been running a small clothing store that specified in Lolita Style of clothes; my wife loved everything about them. Unfortunately, she passed away last year and now I have been here, just continuing her dream for her. The bell rung and I turned to see my most valued customer. “Hello, Miss Alice.” I smiled at the young girl bound to wheel chair. “Antonio.” I acknowledged her father who pushed her around, she had her hands folded neatly in her lap and she looked around, she always had this indifferent look on her face. Now that I think about it, I've never seen her smile even after all these years. She never spoke, Antonio said it was because she was too shy. She had a blue dress on that had frills at the ends of her skirt and the sleeves were nice and puffy. Her dark hair fell to her waist and always straightened with two white bows clipped part of her hair back, she truly looked like a doll. “Do you like this one sweetie?” He knelt down, pulling the purple dress in front of her. She nodded and he picked the dress up in her size draping it over his arm. They continued to shop and she just mostly kept her head down; after about 30 minutes Antonio came over with 10 dresses dangled over his arm, “We’ll take all of these Furly.” I started to ring them up when suddenly Antonio clicked his tongue, “Oh, I forgot my wallet in the car. I’ll be right back.” He started to wheel her away but I teasingly joked, "Oh Antonio, are you afraid she'll run away?" Antonio stared at me wearily before letting out a nervous laughter. "No of course not, I'll be but just a moment." He hesitated and stared at her. I swear it felt like an eternity before he turned away and finally headed out. As he exited the store, I softened my gaze at her and I wanted to say something but I held my tongue, honestly I wasn't sure what to say. Her eyes finally rose to mine and I smiled gently at her but there was no life in her eyes. I swallowed and took a chance. “Alice…Are you happy at home?” She didn’t answer and I waited a few more moments knowing that Antonio would be coming back at any moment. “Alice…do you feel safe at home?” Her eyes widened and I finally saw some life in them for the first time. Her whole demeanor changed, her eyes were filled with fear now and her lips quivered. I waited and she opened her mouth, her lips still shaking, to reveal that her tongue was missing.

Story is told by riceballdono

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