Before I start my story I'd like to give a little background about myself. I'm a DNR Officer for a Minnesota county outside the far parts just before the border of Canada. I have a husband who's also in law enforcement and one son. We live on the outskirts of town and often go hunting and bring our son into the outdoors since we are surrounded but since this incident I dont think its save for anyone to be out in these woods anymore. My shift started late Tuesday night and right off the bat I got calls about deer and animals getting hit left and right on the road. So a usual night. Until about 1 in the morning I got a call about an odd animal laying on the side of the ditch and to go check it out. I get to the stretch of road it is supposedly on and immediately theres a change in the air. Dense fog covers the road and I have to turn on my overhead lights just to see. Its oddly very cold around the area and I can see my breath in the light. I park my truck and throw my lights on in case another Officer is on route and I dont hear it and all I can hear on my radio is dense static as if it's in between channels. I look around in the ditches looking for anything besides the long grass and trees that surround me and my lights dont help much when I start down further on the road with my flashlight beam aimed towards the ground. Finally I begin to see a figure in the grass but it doesnt quite fit a normal size of a deer or elf almost in between it had a dark brown short coat like a deer but it was almost in a fetal position. I drew my 9mm. just to be safe and I watch as an ear of this odd deer perk up. I see the antlers and they're almost the size of an elks but wide with drop points and a curve of a whitetail. The face is hidden in the grass and I whistle to get its attention to see how it moves and assess what condition it's in normally a deer that's still alive will struggle to try any movement to get away but this doesnt move a muscle, it just sits there with the ears pointing back to listen. Then I start to look more at the body and its terrifying. Long arms descend from chest covered with the dark fur suddenly stops and reveals large human hands covered in what looks like fresh blood. The torso is covered with the fur of this thing but it looks loose and wrinkled covered in more blood. I see human legs start around the knees of this deer like monster. Its taller than me even though it's still in a fetal position. I started yelling at it and the fur and skin starts to move like something is underneath the skin. A crazed man leaps out of the bloody torn skin and jumps at me. I shoot him dead center in the chest. He starts laughing hysterically as blood seeps from his chest a dirty tank top and dark shorts cover the man along with blood and what looks like chunks of flesh cover him as well hes slowly bleeds out as I desperately try to get the radio to work. Nothing but thick static I get back to man slowly starting to cough in place of laughter with blood now making it harder for him to breath i run to him putting pressure on his bullet wound it's no use hes bleeding too fast to stop hes gurgling but out of the blue he stops. And he pushes me back hard and rolls to his side he faces me with his eyes. His eyes are just dark sunken in almost no white around his eye with a dying grin on his face. I'm too horrified by the look in his eyes that I can't do anything I feel paralyzed he starts to speak in a giggle looking at me with dead eyes. He slowly speaks out of breath " you... should have...stayed your....truck.." and slowly passes away with a final cough of blood out of his mouth and I wide smile stamped on his face. Finally the radio picks back up and hear a voice calling my name and officer number. And the rest was taken care of by the other officers that soon showed I was questioned and then let go for the night. The next night I was called at 9pm to come to the coroner to speak with him about the incident. The man was laying on the cold metal table behind the coroner under the white sheet. Dean the Coroner was explaining something horrifying to me that the man. The same man I shot and killed had only been eating flesh for years they tested the flesh in his stomach to be only human. He had become a cannibal after Dean explained he was man that went missing about 4 years ago along that stretch of road on a hunting trip by himself. After explaining that this man I shot was a cannibal I excused myself back to my office. I needed to run this threw my head. How did this normal man come to be a cannibal when he was clearly dear hunting and had the resources to survive on deer and other animals. Why humans why a human being would choose to eat another human being I just couldn't wrap my head around it. In an instant the power breaker popped and every light went off surprised I ran out of my office and 5 minutes later the emergency generator jumped on and only a few lights and certain things were turned back on the other officers were confused and angry wondering why the power cut out weapons were drawn out and a horrible noise was heard downstairs like something snapping I rushed down as Dean was down there an called to him no response. I slowly make my way down the dark stairs with my flashlight gun drawn I made my down and am met with a odd smell like wet fur and the smell of iron one light is on In the back of the room and I shine my flashlight. In complete horror the man under the sheet was no longer there but a creature sitting behind Dean's lifeless broken body covered in blood eating his throat a large pool of body and blood surrounded both of them. It had a thick dark brown coat with long extended arms and thin finger with large claws at the end of each finger. It stopped eating and looked up at me showing the large antlers attached to its head its eyes sunk in to large dear like face with no eyes at all. Just dark deep circles with no light. It gave a horrible gurgling throat sound. And I looked at its large vampiric teeth almost with the mouth of a wolves with larger more thin incisors on top and bottom it looked back down at Dean's throat and lowers its head it pulls his trachea releasing more blood to pool around him I look back towards the stairs and walk backwards up and I lock the door behind me the other officers start searching the rooms for intruders but I already know what happened the man cut the power I think about what next still imagining the way it looked at me it wasnt even phased when I approached as if it wasnt an ounce aggressive towards me or afraid I sit back down in my desk and reach for the key in my door for the garage down by the morgue I cant have it trapped in here with all of us my colleagues my coworkers I cant imagine seeing them all get devoured by that thing. I walk around and open the garage door with the key I watch as the thing quietly picks up the rest of Dean's limp body and carrys it into the woods bullets wont do anything and I wont let anymore of my coworkers die like that I still regret letting it go but I didnt want to die I have a family and so do most of my colleagues if it was deep in the woods only a few people might be killed but I had that part of the woods sealed off to the public. We haven't had anyone go missing. But every night when I fall asleep I hear that gurgling growl it makes i will never bring my family deep in the woods ever again.

Story is told by Letshadowsplay