A three years ago, I asked my mother for a pet. She asked me which animal I mean. I said: "It's not important." Then, after week, she brought me a pet. When she give me a box, she say: "Please, don't look at her eyes. You can do whatever you want, but don't look at her eyes." She brought me a bunny. I start called her Ashy. Her eyes was always close. And I didn't watch her face really long, because I was scared: what if she open eyes? One day I went to the kitchen (there was bunny box) and I start searching for Ashy's food. Then, I turn my head and see my Ashy in box... With open eyes! I screamed, and Ashy turn her head. Then I saw... She was without eyes! She has just creepy black holes... "MOM!" My mother heard me and she ran to the kitchen. In right time. When she came to the kitchen, she saw someting creepy. Ashy was on my tummy, and she ate my face! She called the police because she was so scared and she can't do anything because Ashy was strong. When they come, Ashy ate half of my face. Policemans killed animal with gun, but nobody can save my face. When I was in hospital, I ask mom, why she brought me THIS. She was sad when I ask her. "When I came to the pet shop," she start, "someone start talk to me. After half of hour, he say: 'I can give you an animal for free.' And he give me a box. Then he said: 'Don't look at her eyes, that's all. My face is creepy from now. And I'm so scared of all animals. ZOO is my nightmare.

Story is told by HorrorGirl@HORRORS


Holy crap

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****'n halariuOs !!!!! so cute, i hope ur face getz better hun?


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