Dear Reader's and fans of horror stories and movies let me tell you watching so many horror movies can take it's toll and not in a good way, This Story was told to me by a friend one Halloween night so I thought it would be suitable to put up please enjoy and comment, "Oliver are you awake" Oliver's Mother shouted and woke everyone in the house plus the Neighbours and everyone in the Neighbourhood as a matter of fact only because Oliver was late for School, "Yes Mum I'm awake I'm just looking for my School tie I can't find it up here in my room is it down there in the Kitchen or Living room" Oliver is only 12 and stayed up watching The Ring and he couldn't tell his Parents or they would be furious, "Oliver your School Tie is not down here I've searched room to room and no sign of it can you not go a day without a tie?", "I could Mum if you write a note to my teacher that my School tie is missing", "Fine I will do that but for God Sake keep your Uniform in order in future I will get you a new tie and try to find your other one while your gone now your already a half an hour late get out to the car", "Okay Mum I'm going as fast as I can", Oliver got to School but for the whole of School he slept through all of his classes and would not go outside on his lunch he was scared of what might happen his teacher was worried so his parent's were called in and they were shocked to hear about what happened, On the drive home from School Oliver got asked a few straight forward questions from his Parent's and he did not answer one the questions were, Oliver's Mother: What happened in School Today? Oliver:............, Oliver's Father: Why did you fall asleep were you board? Oliver:............., When they arrived back home Oliver's Parent's were really worried when they had to get water from the well that they built outside they asked Oliver to get it and things went from bad to worse, Oliver's Mother: Oliver do you know the way you enjoy getting us water from the well?, Oliver: Yes Mum I do but can not anymore, Oliver's Father: Oliver do what your asked and get the water Now!!!, Oliver: No I won't do it there is no way I am ever going out to that well ever again, Both of Oliver's Parent's: What has gotten in to you your falling asleep at School and now you won't get water from the well when you were asked, Oliver: I saw a girl in the well her hair covered her face she was pale and looked half dead, Oliver's Parent's Together: What, When did you see the girl?, Oliver: I saw her in a Movie the movie was P.G, Oliver's Mother: That's alright then Oliver off to bed with you, Oliver: Ok Mum good night, Oliver got a phone call that night that said " 7 days" he thought it was one of his friends messing with him so he laughed and hung up the phone and fell asleep, The next 6 days were like the phone call never happened for Oliver he had a laugh with his Parent's that was until he asked his friends about the weird phone call and they all told him it was not them well their Parent's even told him, Oliver went home after School and slept on the 6th night and when the next Morning came his Mother woke the Neighbourhood again but couldn't wake Oliver no matter how loud she was, Oliver's Mother went up to his room to see what he was doing they couldn't believe it but they found Oliver hanging from the Balcony of his bedroom by his School tie

Story is told by The Ghost Hunter 92


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