To whom ever dares read this, within this true story I will share with you a true ghost experience that has happened for years here in Kilcornan a small Country side town based in Limerick Ireland to the town folks and myself this was one I really could not wait to document. So please let me begin and I hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment. The Kilcornan Coach is not a ghostly bus but it is a ghostly Carriage pulled by two ghostly horses, It is said that anyone that see's the Coach will die a horrific death it is said it is the carriage of Satan and the rider well we will get to that... The Kilcornan Coach used to give tours of the town back in the olden times when they thought witches existed well I'd be lying if I said I did not believe it because of archives and cult's that go on here this brings me to this part of the story and where the rider comes in to it, There was a pub back many years ago where the Kilcornan Coach would stop because the rider was a drunk but to be fair from what I heard he still managed to safely ride the horses around and give a great tour of the place so the pub told the rider if he could pick up a witch and drop her off at the local forest to be hung without letting her curse him they will change the name of the pub to the Coach in so the rider set off on the quest. He stopped at a house and waited for his chance to snatch a young woman by the age of 18 out of her bed while her parents left the house and set off to the forest now he thought he was clever he gagged the woman and said " I will let you free soon " the woman then waved her hands around and the rider of the Coach fell from his horse and got trampled to death but on his last breath he cried " Witch " , The pub owners waiting in the forest with a crowd ended up turning to a search party but when they found the rider they found the woman too and asked her questions that were exactly like these " Are you a witch or one of us ? " she replied answering " Your the reason your rider is dead " Are you the work of Satan " This was the question that really got the woman's attention and her reply was " I am the Daughter of Satan not of God who ever seeks worship in God seeks false hope " upon that answer they dragged the woman in to the forest and hung her, Day's later the sounds of horses holves were heard and the cry of a woman could be heard saying " Why, Why, Why hang me ", The Kilcornan pub shortly changed it's name in memory of the Rider that died but on the inside of the pub there is a picture of the witch and the rider before his death, The rider to this day can be heard and people claim to have seen it I am one of those people I have seen the ghostly Coach and heard the ghostly Witch, The Coach is not the thing that scared me what rightly done it for me, I mean what rightly made me turn pale and send my mother and father shopping for me and go everywhere for me is the fact that in the Coach looking out at me was the ghost of a young Woman, P.S Dear reader's there have been more strange ghostly occurrences that happened here I hope to write about them on this soon This True Story was in the Memory of my Grandmother & Grandfather who passed away a month ago they wanted me to become a horror writer they read all my stories that I wrote years ago and I promised them I wouldn't stop. R.I.P Ned & Phillis Coady

Story is told by The Ghost Hunter 92