Dear reader, I promised a friend I would write a story for him so this is it but beware this story is true and possibly may lead you to believe the worst of your neighbours or someone living next door to you... Any way here is the story enjoy, Hi I am Matthew I am from Dublin Ireland I want to get my story out to everyone as it is one I need to tell as there is a psycho living right next door to me, I hear things at night like chainsaws, guns and screams. I never think to go round to my neighbours house in fear I might not come back, Last night I heard voices outside my house as I sleep with my window open sometimes what I heard made my hair stand on end and the goosebumps come out everywhere " Let's break in to this house right here and kill for the thrill of it " lucky enough my Father was still awake or we might not be here Today, My Father being a former Guard went over next door the next morning to talk to our neighbour I had him warned not to go in case my neighbour killed him he just laughed and said " I'll be back in time for the Liverpool match " he then proceeded to go to the neighbours house. My father never made it back and my neighbour is gone for 2 weeks from what I here around I keep thinking I should go and look for my father so I do exactly that. I pack the essentials like a pocket knife, flashlight and a stun gun my father got for me for just in case of emergencies, I don't hesitate when I get everything packed I race over and bust the lock on my neighbours door and walk in the surprising thing is his house is clean except for one room it looked like a doctors surgery there was blood spattered every where and human body parts in glass jars. Then I hear screams and voices saying " Help us we are trapped " , I walk to where the screams get louder and I find a hidden door kind of like the ones in the movies it blends in with the book cases not in this case it blended in with the bricks on the wall so it took me a while to open it but I got there in the room there was no sign of my father just some strangers and dead bodies, I asked a woman what happened and she said " The man that lives here he is not right in the head he was let out of rehab and they must not have been able to do anything for him he is psycho crazy and needs to be stopped " I then ask her if she has seen my father and I showed her a picture of him on my mobile her answer was " He was here then he managed to escape he said he was going for help ", I leave my neighbours house and luckily I did because a car pulled in to his drive but stopped for a minute because I was looking at the registration and I took a quick sneaky photo of it but my phone was pulled out of my hand by someone behind me. I turn around to see who it was and it's my psycho neighbour I freeze in one spot not able to move then he starts speaking to me saying " Is your Mother or Father home I need to talk to them about a killer" he shows me a photo in my phone of my father and say's "for a few days when I was gone this man has been breaking in to my house killing and cutting up people now I need to find him" I tell him "I saw him heading in towards town maybe he is there" my neighbour gives me my phone back and I go in home where I see my father holding my mothers head in one hand and a knife in the other and he says " Your next I will cut you up slowly and carve out your heart son" , My neighbour bursts in the door and says to my father " Sir you have killed enough people in my house and around Dublin to fill 3 graveyards and 2 morgue's you need to be stopped he then takes out a gun and fires a round hitting my father in the forehead then another shot hitting him in the heart", My neighbour then says to me "since I left everyone has been calling me a psycho but that was only because of your father he gets way to drunk and out of control with drugs sorry I had to do this to him but at least he won't be killing anyone again" I tell my neighbour about the people still alive in his house and he let's them free and apologises for everything and explains what was happening. The following night my neighbour moved out and left me a letter in the letter box that read " YOUR NEXT TO DIE SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN" it was all set up my father didn't break in he had a key and he killed my mother knowing he was going to die at the hands of his friend and fellow psycho and now I'm next may God help me and have mercy on my soul.

Story is told by The Ghost Hunter 92


didnt see that ending coming great story

He Comments At Night....Mostly.

Shock and Awe. Thats all I have to say.


Very cool, I was definitely not expecting that ending! I like it when I don't expect the twist coming. Bravo!

The Ghost Hunter 92

Thanks Nightmare Girl for your nice Comment ☺

nightmare girl

Great story