Peko-chan is a scary Japanese urban legend about the mascot of a company that sells candy called "Milky". The doll can be seen in the front of many shops and her smiling face can be seen on the candy. Peko-chan is the mascot of a company called Fujiya which produces candy called "Milky". The company's slogan is "Milky tastes like Mama". Peko-chan is a young girl with chubby cheeks, pigtails, and a red ribbon in her hair. She is always seen with a big smile on her face, licking her lips. According to the urban legend, the real story of Peko-chan is actually very disturbing. They say that Peko-chan was modeled on a young girl who died during World war 2. The girl was named Peko and she was 6 years old. She lived with her mother in a small Japanese village. During the war, there was a tremendous shortage of food in Japan. Peko and her mother were starving and there was nothing to eat. They had to drink muddy water in order to survive and gnaw on grass and the roots of trees just to keep their hunger at bay. Peko's mother couldn't bare to see her daughter suffering, so she took a knife, cut off part of her arm and offered it to Peko. When Peko took her first bite of human flesh, she was amazed of how sweet the flesh tasted. She proceeded to kill her mother and eat her entire body. Peko continued her life as a cannibal. They say that the reason why her tongue is always out is because she's licking her mother's blood off her cheeks. The name of the candy is "Milky", but when you rearrange the sounds, it becomes "Kill Me", which were her mother's final words. That's why the slogan of the company, when translated from Japanese is, "Milky tastes like Mama". The Fujiya company also has a another mascot named Poco-chan. He is a young boy, always smiling, and wears a blue hat. He is said to be Peko-chan's boyfriend. According to the urban legend, Poco was a 7 year old boy who lived in Peko-chan's neighborhood. After devouring her mother, Peko-chan was still hungry. She attacked Poco, breaking open his skull in order to eat his brain. Poco was in such pain that he committed suicide by biting off his own tongue and swallowing it. They say that the reason why Poco-chan never has his tongue out in the pictures is because he doesn't have one, and the reason why he always wears a blue hat is to hide his broken skull and exposed brain.

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