I always had this gift , you know of seeing or feeling things that others can't. And trust me I know what your thinking but it's true. This isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last , but I need to tell someone so here I go. it was around two years ago. My family had just moved into a new house and it was beautiful to say the least. It was a decent size and it was blue with plants decorating the front lawn. Well the day we moved in I decided to take the attic. It was the biggest room and had the most closet space which I needed considering the amount of cloths I owned. Well anyways by the time the sun had gone down and everyone was asleep (besides me) I started to organize my books. As you can imagine I had quit a few and I organized them by author then by alphabetical order. All the sudden I get this feeling , you know those feelings you get when you know someone's watching you but your alone and you get creeped out and run. Well that's what I felt except I didn't run. Considering I have had past experiences with spirits it just didn't seem like the right move , what if they needed me. Instead I look up into the window right across from me. That's when I saw him all the sudden I couldn't breath , I tried to stay calm as I turned around to see if the man was behind me. But no , so I took a breath before I looked up again just to make sure it wasn't in my head. And ala's their he was again , I sat on the bed thinking it would be like every other time. They would need my help or just someone to talk to and I would be there for them. Instead I got this feeling I have only gotten a few times in my short life. The feeling of dread and panic it was like he was warning me. I don't know of what but I ran down stairs to my sister's room and wake her up. I knew it was selfish considering she had work later and it was already three in the morning but I was so scared. I told her everything , when I started to explain what he looked like and how he was dressed she paled. I asked her what was wrong but she didn't answer me ; instead she goes to her closet and pulls out a box I haven't seen before. She takes a photo out and asked me "was this him" in a whisper almost afraid someone would hear. when I said yes she had gone on to tell me how she had found the box while she was cleaning her room. She assumed it belonged to the previous owner. she went to the landlord and asked about it only to find out that the man in the photo was brutally murdered in the attic. The body of his pregnant wife was found soon after it was stated a suicide. Apparently she had killed him , the reason is unknown. Although now two years later I realise he was warning me. While being in that house I was consumed by dark thoughts of suicide and I wasn't really acting as myself anymore. I started going to therapy and always felt "off" for lack of better words. Now I know it was her inside of me taunting me killing me softly. As soon as we left that house it was like a weight had been lifted. I was happy again and I was back to my usual self. I know realize the feeling of dread and panic I felt that day in the attic wasn't him trying to scare me it was him giving me a taste of what's to come , warning me to get out.

Story is told by sleonr13


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