A happy women called Jenefer. She had everything everyone thought you needed ,to be happy she was rich. She had her family with her until one day a robery happened at her home. Jenefer was at the store so she avoided the shooting...but her family....not so lucky. She went into greif and didn't except it. The police never had herd of her family or had any documents. They all had a citizenship but it was up gone. The police couldn't help her. She realized that she didn't get her groceries and had no receipt or less money. She found the dead body's in her basement with blood everywhere with scribbles everywhere saying "guilty". She noticed it's her hand writing. She called the police then passed out and the body's we're gone. She got scared. She realized she fell into depression terrible depression. The next day her annoying neighbor insulted her she got mad. After her nap her neighbor was dead in here arms being dragged. She freaked out. But she felt another strange feeling it was satisfaction mixed with a unnecessary space on the world is gone, her depression came down and felt...happier but her family she thought about them. And she saw her family and said with a maniac voice "if I cant have my family no one will!". The police found out and arrested her. The next day she was gone and was found and got shot but went right trough her. Her real body was found hanging from a rope tied into a tree. And now she slowly cuts you're body into Peace's if you under appreciate your family or take advantage of them

Story is told by HEVENLY ANGELA

Killer in the dark

Is it real la not be real now in scared my brother will be killed

WeIrD pOtAtO





Awesome story love it

nightmare girl

great story