In 2010 my friend invited me she say that she was dreamed about her ex-Boyfriend...Our friendship and her cousin was worried because she din't know That her ex-boyfriend is the murder MY SRORY IS MY FRIEND? One day my friends wan't to go have a makeover but...My friend lil She said that shes going to buy outfits (25 minutes later) My friends are so worried she was gone on 25 minutes then i explain on my friends (After explain) We look around on the mall but we can't see him...We text him but...No reply...My 2 friends go home...All my friends go home too (5pm later)I said:Where is she...She must be gone But i din't know that her ex-boyfriend took her and killed him Then i said:I will get revenge! (2 years later) I said:Finally i can get a revenge!!! (2 weaks later) Then i said:I'll get my revenge!!!Muahahahaha!! I become crazy.. Then my friend took me to the hospital Then i just get a revenge! ......... The End

Story is told by NONE


Ikr, it makes no sense at all, and theres alot of typos ;`;..

S L. K

wut the hell ???