There once was a man named ioman who was married to a lovely and dedicated wife named owia. He was a ronin a samurai who no longer had a master due to his murderous past. And now he was a poor umbrella maker. Since they were no longer financially stable ioman started to neglect his wife. Then his neighbor lured him into a evil scheme. He said to ioman “my daughter oume is in love with you. If only you weren’t already married,you could be with her and be wealthy beyond belief.” Since ioman was garbage human he liked the sound of that he started thinking of ways to kill his wife. He didn’t wanna be charged with the murder so he had to find a way to make it look like natural causes. So he decided to poison her. So the next night they say at the dinner table. Then ioman passed owia a spoon. He said “it’s medicine to help you get stronger. For you and our baby.” At first she was a little hesitant but poor owia gave in and drank the poison. At first nothing happen but then her hair started to fall out in clumps. Her eyes drooped and filled with blood. Then she fell into a coma which really angered ioman. After a few days she awoke. She had almost forgotten what happen but then she went to the bathroom and saw what she had become. She lost her beauty and her baby. But ioman still tried to keep up the concerned husband act and said “let’s go on a walk,to your favorite place.” So, they walked to the edge of a cliff that overlooked the whole town. It really was a beautiful view. But while owia was trying to take it all in with her blood filled eyes,ioman pushed her over the edge. Ioman threw an elaborate funeral for owia to throw everyone off his scent. But now that she was out of the picture he started to plan his wedding with his new bride. “Now I’ll be rich again and everything will be perfect again.” Ioman thought. But he. Hadn’t seen the pastor owia. He could not have been more wrong. He began seeing Owia’s distorted face everywhere. He saw it on a lantern so he shattered it. She appeared in a mirror so he shattered that too. But he wouldn’t let owia ruin his new life with oume. On the day of his wedding owia had not appeared. But when he went to turn to his new wife it was not oume who looked back at him. It was owia! He drew his sword and cut off her head. Everyone looked in horror as Oume’s head rolled down the aisle. Ioman could not believe what he had done. So he ran to the cliff and cried. The wedding attendants had ran after him just in time to see a women push him off the edge. It was owia.

Story is told by Mahado

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I don't say this often. but this is really good

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Awesome story

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This is a Brilliant story keep them up