Dear Reader please take caution when reading this for every word is true. I know that people might hear a bump or a squeak every now and again and get scared but that's what happens when your on your own at home let me tell you my true ghost story from start to finish, My name is Chris I am 27 and recently went on a tour of a Castle here in Ireland where I am from I enjoyed the first 2 hours of the trip but things got weird when the tour guide said alright everyone I will let you all look around on your own now since the tour has ended, I went to the outside of the Castle first and took a few photo's then back in side for a look around and a few photo's I was walking the main hallway of the Castle when I heard a voice say " Leave here this Castle is not safe " I brushed it off I thought it was odd at first because it was me on my own there but then I walked on I got to a bedroom and had a look around I took another few photo's and left that area, I walked down a spiral stone staircase to get to the dungeon's and took a few photo's down there too there was another tourist down there so I asked would they take a photo of me acting like I was imprisoned there they were more than happy to take the photo but right before they could I heard the same voice that I heard in the hallway only this time way louder saying " Leave this Castle or Die " I looked right at the tourist and asked him " Did you hear a voice " he answered with " No I did not hear anything " so I brushed it off again but that was after I felt like I was going crazy, After the trip to the dungeons I needed to get out side so I headed up to the look out's of the Castle I took another few photo's and looked out over the river while I was looking out over the river I heard a woman scream like she had saw a ghost but there was no one else with me up there and this was at 8:00 at night, I headed back in to the Castle and went to the village bar outside in King John's village the Castle is Called King John's castle so they called the village right out the back of it King John's Village the bar was really nice and the Village itself looked in good shape but a cold feeling swept over me while in the bar and I could not help but look towards the fireplace in the bar where there was decorations of skulls and swords on it, After the bar I thought I would leave and head home by the shop and get my photo's developed but that was not until the ghost of the Castle made herself known by Screaming again but this time it was louder and right up close all the tourists that were in that Castle that night swore they heard it too, I have the photo's here at home from my trip and what I took the photo's of scare me to this day, In the hallway of the Castle when I was taking the first few photo's where I heard the voice first I snapped a picture of a full bodied apparition, In the dungeon's of the Castle where I was taking photo's and I heard the voice for the second time I snapped a picture of the apparition again only closer in the shot than the last, In the bedroom of the Castle where I was taking pictures the apparition was there again lying on the bed, And this is the one that scares me the most on the lookout's of the castle where I was taking photo's of the view right before I heard the woman scream I caught the apparition again only this time with a more up close shot than the last and in her hand was a ghostly knife, In the pub I took more photo's and apparitions of ghostly children can be seen with what looks like a really really old style school uniform on them, In the Castle's Village after I left the pub and heard the woman screaming I took more pictures only this time there were letter's on the window of the pub that looked like they were written in blood they spelt out " No Entry To The Castle" , I recently done research on the castle it turns out a woman fell to her death in the dungeon area she was a tourist that was walking down the stone spiral steps wearing high heels when she slipped breaking her neck and she was buried in the walls of the Castle. The apparition of the Children can be seen because of the home schooling that went wrong when a pile of lit candles were left around sheets of paper and burned down that side of the Castle killing all the Children,

Story is told by The Ghost Hunter 92