In 2009 ther was name kashima-Reiko she was 18 years old then one day she was beside on the train...Then the bulies push him and beat him up (Minutes Later) She woke up and tried to get out to the train but she can't the train go straigth on his body and kashima-reiko...Her legs gone...The curse spirit come to his body and now...She have a death Question... Its hard but i can tell you her death question are first shes gonna say: Where all my legs!! then you say:Meishin Railway... Her question 2 are:Who told you!! Then you say:Kashima-Reiko Her question 3 are:Whats my name!! then you say:Mask Death Demon...And now you are safe...Based on japanease urban legend...More comming!!!...This is real...And my mom knows japanese!!!...BYE!!!

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