Sam: where are y'all? Jamie: sheena is with me, standing outside book store. sheena: hey Sam! Alex: Jamie, bro, I am coming, in parking lot. Sam: am I the only one who went to the restaurant first? Laura: yes Sam. really Rose, can't u come too?? Rose: no guys, have to learn for tests, teachers aren't making it easy for our section. Laura: yaa I heard, still it would have been fun. by the way, guys, I am near the electronics' store. (5 minutes later) Laura: no clerk, no guard... isn't it too quite? where are you guys?? Alex: with Jamie and sheena. Rose: aren't ya guys in the new mall? Sam: yep, hey Laura I think I see you! George: outside the main gate, coming in! Laura: I see you Sam! come to the TV section. Sam: k Jamie: oh shit! Sam stop! Sam: oh! Rose: guys?? Sam: I found Laura's phone. where is she?? Alex: With us. she forgot her phone in the TV section! Rose: then who was texting? who did Sam see?? George: uhhh guys the front door is locked.. Jamie: huh? sheena: ? Alex: what?? George: yes.. I walked in and to the TV section. found Sam. when we came out of the electronics' store, we found the door locked and CHAINED.. Rose: Omg Jamie: Sheena? Sam: sheena what?? Alex: I, Jamie and Laura were walking to the electronics' store, she was with us. now gone! vanished in thin air, so to speak. George: huh? gone?? Rose: I am coming, will try and open the door!! Alex: George, Sam, where are you both? Sam: restaurant Jamie: wait there, we are coming. Sam: oh, shit, Laura's phone is gone! Alex: gone? George: yes, Sam had just placed it on the counter, suddenly it vanished. Jamie: wait I see something.. oh no... Rose:?? Alex: it's sheena's bracelet.. Sam: huh, then where is she?? Rose: guys, I am outside the open main door... George: WHAT?¿ Rose: yeah... Sam: how's that even possible? it was locked and chained!! Alex: that means someone is here. Jamie: that's far scarier than being alone. George: how? Alex: it means someone knew rose was coming. otherwise why would anyone open a closed door?? rose: ohhh that's scary. Wait. there's something on the floor. What the freaking hell?? George, Sam, Alex: what? Jamie: ??? rose: i found Laura's phone on the ground, found the answer to how someone knows i was coming, probably read the text. but when I bent to pick it up, the door suddenly shut tight behind me! chains FLEW and wrapped tight around it, now, it won't open.. Alex: chains FLEW?? sheena: guys?? rose: sheena! thank God!! Alex: sheena where are you?? Jamie: rose! restaurant! rose: with Jamie, Laura and Alex sheena: I don't remember. head hurts like crazy. wait yes... I was following Alex, Jamie nd Laura then suddenly the floor opened beneath me and I fell into a dark tunnel. it closed above me, probably muffling my scream, and I think I hit my head, bcoz of which I lost consciousness. Sam: floor opened?? George: Alex, where's Laura, Jamie and Rose? Alex: what do you mean? we are together! George: but I see Alex grinning and waving at us to come to him!? Alex: shit guys don't go. it's not me Sam, George: Ahh my God Sam: someone grabbed artificial Alex's neck and dragged him behind a corner! he was still grinning... rose: gross sheena: guys listen, it's dark here, and conjusted and I can't move my hands and legs properly. I am flat on my back. trying to push forward. soft but strong surface above.. George: sheena, are you in some box? how did you get there?? rose: box? Sam: box... oh God... sheena: yeah it's a box, a locked box, shit, help!! Alex: try to remember!! sheena: back hurts, was I dragged?? rose: sheena scream! ( sheena screams till her throat hurts) sheena: did u hear? others: no... Jamie: sheena, do you remember where u were when u... fell? bcoz I don't know how long you hadn't been following us... sheena: uhhh book store? Jamie: but we found the bracelet outside the cafe... rose: let's all assemble outside the book store. then we can separate to pairs, and if sheena fell, we would find some opening somewhere. sheena: oh okay sheena: wait sheena: omg omg omg others: ??? sheena: the floor is suddenly getting wet! ewww, it's icky.. what is this? I can't see a damn thing! oh God if this box fills with this... i will drown!! guys help!! others: sheena! oh no, we are coming... to be continued...

Story is told by Tanushri


I love it so far x



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Pretty good so far. The spelling errors make it like its real people sending texts to each other.


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