To this day I still can't figure out if I was dreaming or not.... Hello I'm jurney and this is my story. I remember being scared of my own reflection and now I'm even more scared of it and this is why. Me and my sister share a room sometimes living in a house of 7 all most 9 is hard very hard.but what I and she has witnessed is very peculiar and rather odd if I must say. I was sleeping in the bed next to my sisters falling asleep while watching Stephanie soo in my tablet. I heard my sister call my name"jurney!" she whispered me being in a tired state of kind just answering as "mhuh" she asked me if i was awake keep this noted youll need it for later. I was about to go to sleep when I heard her call my name again I said "yah" but I was drifting away to sleep and heard her speaking jibbereish or mumbling. I woke up later to a weird song playing on my tablet but I turned it off cause it was too bright. I turned to where my sister was but something I saw her sleeping but someone was on top of her I tried to peak over her but it was like the same person I was confused non it couldn't be. the word bounced around in my head a couple times but then something struck me it was like the word was in big gigantic bold letters doppelganger. As if the strange being knew my thoughts as soon as the word struck me like lightning it got up and sat on the edge of the bed it's eyes were closed but it's head was faced towards me like it was staring through its eye sockets deep into my soul. it stayed like that for a good 4 minutes but it felt like 30. it got up off the bed and went towards the door it looked back one time and then went out the door. I heard a shatter from somewhere in the house but I wasn't going to look to see what it was my focus was on my sister. I stayed up and watched Stephanie soo once again on my tablet until morning to comfort me. when my sister woke up I told her everything and we did some more research about doppelgangers we already knew a lot about them I love conspiracy theories.But we felt the need to know more remember when i told you to keep a certain thing noted that you'll need it soon well this is the time. we were trying to remember everything that happened when I told her about her calling my name twice when I was about to go to sleep. The thing is she said she only called me once to see if i was awake which was the first time so that leads me to wonder if she didn't call my name then was it the being, the doppelganger. it didn't feel right none of it did. My sister started crying saying she was gonna die but I tried to comfort her and i encouraged her to e-mail Hailey Reese about her strange encounter and ask for advice. she did as I suggested and then called and told her closest friend. After that nothing has been quite right if i must say so. odd things have been happening after that my weight dropped and now I'm underweight. My sister is dealing with depression and every day now I'm having Abdominal pains. there's lots more of things that are happening that wouldn't usually happen.I don't know what that was or if it was a dream or not. All I have to say is sometimes you can't tell if what your witnessing or dealing with is a dream, your imagination, or just plain old reality playing tricks on you because it knows what scares you and what makes the skeleton crawl out of your body at night. And that.....that is what you should be scared of reality because you never know. We never did encounter the thing again and my sister is still alive and healthy. But sometimes I still get the feeling of someone staring at me especially looking at a mirror or home alone. Take my advice and my words and use them for if anything happens like this to you or anyone. Close your eyes your ears don't look at a mirror for maybe a week try to avoid any contact with the room or scene it happened in and sparky yourself and your house and/or the scene it took place in with a positive energy smoke torch. It may save you.

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