In the room were several dead bodies scattered everywhere, all dismembered and missing internal organs and eyes etc. The one that really caught my eye was a corpse of a young girl, probably around my age, she looked like Laura, no, not like. She looked exactly the same as Laura. Except her eyes were gouged out, and her limbs were all cut at the joints. Tears streamed out my eyes, one as pity for the poor people but also of disgust. One second later, I was puking everywhere, my mind couldn’t take all these horrifying images that still haunt me to this day, 5 years later. Those pale almost transparent skin, crusty brittle hair, their mouths some in a scream, some in a close-to-tears look on their face and mouth. Three things were for sure, they were certainly all dead no going back, they were all killed by a circular saw, and they all had dried blood and tears on them and the floor. I quickly rushed out the room to hide the evidence that I went into that room. I didn’t have time... The saw was already in my face... Buzzing angrily, like how dare I enter that room... Before a circulating pain came balling into my skull. I screamed in agony, tears ran down, and my mouth sputtered blood everywhere. I could hear that sucking crack of my skull against the hungry buzzes of the saw, clearly yearning for my flesh, blood, bone, and guts. Cont???

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower

S L. K

dont leave me hang'n baby, iz their mOre ????

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