But he did not hurt him and why?. That was something they did not understand, they always felt his presence but they were terrified to tell their mom and uncle.. They could not do anything but finally their mom found out... She was shivering... finally she told them...
''my dears You know your father don't you Babies....Shut up Issac let me continue. I had married Alex Fear when i was fresh out our college we were both together for 10 years (from 8 to 18) years.. He was such a nice boy 12 months later a nice baby boy was born to us we decided to name him Noah but unfortunately he had a rare disease called calymorphychebio. Doctors said he could not survive more than 6 months i felt like my heart just stopped but Alex he did not even wince.. His attitude Did not change... He continued to play with Noah without any change and 6 months later the we went to a different doctor and she was like OMG your baby does not have calymorphychebio he is cured..

Story is told by Hermit Vamp

S L. K

?i don't get it ???? ??‍♀️there iz mOre, no ??