So many headlines on bizarre murder cases involving cannibalism and gruesome attacks. A woman found dead last week with her stomach ripped open and her five year old son that was completely eviscerated. Her son's stomach was empty with no intestinal organs or stomach. The woman was separated from her lower half of her body with her jaw completely detached from her upper skull. However what was found on the bodies were pieces of rotting flesh that were much older. Some to be three months older and the other pieces of flesh were five to seven months old. Some theories suggest the cannibal killer was performing a ritual by planting the flesh of his victims and the reason why I said him was because of the DNA testing from the saliva belong to Mark Sullivan. A thirty-nine year old man that went missing about three months ago. We then get a call about wild dogs attacking a young woman named Isabelle Hamilton. She lived but she was sent to the hospital with claw marks and post traumatic stress according to what I heard. She was saying about dogs wish patches of exposing flesh and exposing bones. However I felt something was really wrong with the case that I was working on. Something told me that there is more deep inside the mysterious cannibal murders that keep plaguing the city. However late at night I was walking home from a bar and I would never forget what I saw. In front of me just at sidewalk was the woman that we were looking for. The reason why I knew was her face matched the description but she really smelled bad. The type that is like stake being left out for months in the sun. I walked to her and it was my terrible mistake. I put my hand on her arm trying to hand cuffed her but without expecting it. The woman grabbed my forearm and bit deep into my muscle and ripped a large mouth full of my flesh. I fell backwards while holding my arm. "****!" I yelled while putting pressure on my forearm but the blood was gushing pass my fingers and I looked at the woman. Her face.... There was not much of her face except the skin on her cheek, around her eye and half of the side of her forehead. I don't know how she was alive but she didn't had much of her face. She was lumbering towards me as if she was completely drunk just like what her friend reported. She reached her arms out towards me and I began crawling away. However she only got closer and closer to me. She lunged down to me. I closed my eyes and I knew that I was going to be the next victim but then I heard a loud bang. Bang! I heard blood splatter on the concrete and a thump sound as if someone dropped a bag of soil or sand to the ground. I looked and I saw an officer running towards me. He reached out his hand and asked. "Are you okay sir?" I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to my feet. I looked at him and then looked at the road that was next to the sidewalk and we saw more people lumbering towards us... covered in blood and in wounds.

Story is told by WalkingCorpse

Ms. MeMe

It's a good start...more gory detail

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not that scary heard alot of stories the same good try though


Good job! Creepy


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