I’m not completely sure if I even believe myself anymore, but I currently believe what i think is true and I must tell it before I completely lose my sanity and beliefs. ...It all started in August 8th... My name is Adrian, but people call me AJ for short, and I’m the typical guy you would find on the basketball court, lanky, funny, serious at times, smart, and popular to say the least. And I’m not saying that oh I’m popular; everyone loves me, no. What I mean by popular is that I “steal” all the girls, even when I don’t know it. It’s my first day of Sophomore, and well I met someone who would scar me for life, her name is Laura. She has luscious crimson red hair, and diamond colored eyes, a sweet smile with soft appearing lips, long eyelashes, a pink tint at her cheeks. But the weird thing is that it’s how she actually looks, this is way before, they have that spray thing where you spray it on your face after applying makeup and it won’t come off. And well I fell in love with her, not only for her looks, but her personality, she was kind, caring, respectful, polite, sweet, genuine, smart, tall, skinny, perfect skin, basically a short description of a perfect girl. She seemed to enjoy hanging out with me too! We would text for hours on end, deep into the night. When we finally slept, it was already dawn. I had so much affection for her, that I didn’t care about anything she did that was strange. Until she confessed to me. We had been hanging out with each other for about 7 months. And we both had pretty deep feelings for one another and so she confessed, I accepted. Then I slowly noticed her drinking something in a wine glass everyday. Then I’m finally had the courage to sneak into the room she always told me was her room and she wouldn’t let me in no matter what. God I wish I listened to her. In the room was the most foul smelling thing ever, but it wasn’t a rotten egg. It was worse than that... Cont???

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower

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love how u explained wht she looked like n how he felt not scary though