"Go to sleep Samuel!" I yelled from the bedroom. Me and my wife have our normal nightly routine. We have a cigarette, we brush our teeth, check the doors, and put Samuel to bed. Samuel isn't a bad dog by any means. In the contrary, he's a great dog.He's just not one that I particularly wanted, and I fought against getting him but finally just acquiesced to my wife, because how bad could it be. Well here we are. She'll defend him by saying "He just gets worked up at nights sometimes." He can have a hard time sleeping and he'll act up, but usually telling him to go to sleep or "night-night" as my wife likes to say, will make him settle down in his crate. But tonight is different. He just WON'T quit. And I haven't been sleeping well with work lately, and the headaches are starting. And it's starting to grate on me. What a stupid decision to get a dog, what a stupid decision SHE made me make. SHE doesn't have to deal with the dog barking. SHE sleeps like a goddamn log. Even now, with all the noise, she snores quietly next to me. "SAMUEL, ENOUGH!" I scream feeling defeated. But Samuel just WON'T stop. So I check on him. Let him out real quick, let him out in the backyard, but he quickly comes in. Oh now he wants to be quiet, I think angrily. I want to just leave him out there and be done with it. But I'd never hear the end of it. So I put him back to bed almost seemlessly. He anxiously gets into his crate to relax. But as soon as I come into the bedroom it starts again. I lay in bed for what feels like eternity yelling for him to stop, even going so far as to tell him to shut up. And then I finally snap. "That's it! I'm gonna make sure you go to sleep one way or the other!" I scream as I sit directly up to deal with it once and for all, but a firm hand covers my mouth and pushes me back down. And all too quickly I remember that she didn't lock the door earlier today. "Shh shh shh" the anonymous hand whispers. "It'll all be over soon. But before I begin can I tell you one thing?" Samuel's barking is constant now. "That's a hell of a dog you got there. You should listen to him more."

Story is told by Nerdyrevered


I really liked it.


on the edge of my seat good!!!! I need more! I love thrillers like this story! awesome writing!!!