Katherine's friends, Josh, Alex (Girl), and Gabby, decided to look through and old box. But, when they opened it, Alex started to feel....Dizzy. But it wasn't just her, Josh, Gabby, and Katherine felt really nauseous. But, they just went through the box. They found an ancient spell book. So, they looked through it. The book was sorted bye letters. when the got to the 'N' section, they found the nauseating potion recipe, and the spell to activate it. they decided to have a little fun and say the 'Magic Words'. But then, Alex, Gabby, Josh, and Katherine all RUSHED to the bathroom Katherine, Josh and Alex threw up in the bathtub. gabby threw up in the toilet. they all got concerned and restated EXACTLY what they drank that day. They all said 'Water'. then they thought... Hmmmm...what if... the water was poisonous??? they all came back from camping that morning, and they all drank water fresh out of the stream. "what if the water had that potion in it?" then they all felt a bang on their heads. they had been knocked out.

Story is told by Goth_Girl


idk. I typed really fast and may have misspelled some things.

Black Cat



Forgot to mention. there will be a part two! well, whenever I get the chance... ?