Okay so I was babysitting for my older sister and while I was watching TV with her second oldest kid the youngest came running in with tears streaming down his face and he ran to me saying there's a man at his window and that he's scared so me being me I told him and his sister to go hide somewhere and I went to get the oldest to have him go outside with me to check it out (The oldest is 14) I told him to go get his baseball bat and be careful so when we got outside to check around the youngest room there we saw a scrawny guy with oily hair and messed up clothes when he saw us he ran off the oldest tried to chase after him but I told him to get inside and when I told my sister what happened she said that he had been saying things like that where happening but she just thought it was his imagination she said that they were horrified and wanted to stay over my house for a few weeks so i allowed them to because I was also really worried for them but when they came over the youngest told me that he kept watching him so like I was trying to tell my sister that she should move in with me or go to like a hotel or something but yeah ._.

Story is told by Scream Queen

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