1-I played rock,paper,scissors and lost to my reflection 2-I live alone and someone ate my chicken nuggets 3-My drunk dad came to beat me,but I was drunker so I beat him instead 4-I told my mom smash meant Burger King and now she keeps asking come smash with your mom help me 5-I was playing Mario kart,I kept losing so I got pissed and said "You fat f#%king plumber move faster"And that's when I heard Mario say " Oh,SHUT THE F#CK UP! 6-I went to a public stall to take a dump but there was no tp so I asked the guy next door if he had any and he did but there was no one in that stall

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Can we get an F in the chat for the chicken nuggets? ?

S L. K

?luv'd.... #1 #2 & #3... ?-****'n hell-arious !!!!

Black Cat

haha hilarious ?