Twilight Sparkle was sitting by a fire place in her living room while reading a book late that evening. Spike was visiting the dragon lands and her friends where either at their homes or somewhere else. As she turned a page, Twilight couldn't help but start to feel lonely. What she wanted right now was someone to talk to and share some thoughts with. Twilight glanced out of the window and noticed that there were stars in the sky. This then gave her a idea. "Star light, star bright," she said to herself "first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have a wish I wish tonight. I wish that I have some company" Twilight then felt silly afterwards. "Wishing on a star was just a silly folk tale" she thought to herself "It can't come true". No sooner had she thought that, then Twilight heard something coming down her chimney. At first she thought that a bird had gotten stuck in it. But then something fell out of the fireplace. It was a pair of rotting feet. Twilight watched in horror as a pair of rotting legs followed them. Then a lower torso, a upper torso, a pair of hands, a pair of arms, then finally a moldy head. Twilight had no idea what was going on. Then she froze in fear as the body parts started to put themselves together into a large, rotting human. Then it began to dance around her room. Getting faster and faster. Then it froze like a statue. Staring at Twilight with hideous yellow eyes. Twilight was so scared that she couldn't move. Then she finally found her voice. "What do you come for?" she asked. "What do I come for?!" the thing asked "I have come for... YOU!" And that was when Twilight woke up.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

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