*static*This is tower 2 do you copy This is tower 4 I hear you loud and clear copy Tower 2:I'm gonna leave soon so be prepared for the night shift Tower 4:I already have 2 hours later *static*Hello is..is anyone out there Tower 4:This is tower 4,what are you doing here its almost midnight stranger:I know I got lost Tower 4:where are you stranger:I'm near a lake Tower 4:look around and look for a bright light stranger:I see it,I'm heading towards your way 1 hour later *inhuman scream* stranger:Did you hear that,that's not human Tower 4:RUN!! stranger:*heavy breathing*what...what's cha...chasing me Tower 4:Keep running stranger:*heavy breathing*Why's it chasing me Tower 4:It stopped chasing you stranger:Its not chasing me,its chasing you Tower 4:what what do you mea-AAAHHHH

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

S L. K

dont get it ?????