-Our old House part 1 when i was a baby i was living in my fathers childhood house till i was 12 when i was 6 years old i feel something strange. I was in school then our teacher told us how to remove spirit from house she said we must pray so i did it in the haunted part of our house it's underground my first encounter was that i was praying ang walking to all part of our house and my mom was washing the dishes then i go back to the living room reading bibble but i notice something was passing in the kitchen it's wearing black and same as my mother's head so i told my mom to stop disturbing me she look at me and said "I'm washing the dishes" then i notice she's wearing pink i stop and was shaking it is that time that I knew i disturb ghost in our house so i stop i still have many paranormal experience living there for 12 years but i will tell you more in the part 2.

Story is told by anonymous