It's been 2 years now, The United States has been Turned from Land of the Brave to Land of the Rotting Dead. People have turned from Humans to Corpses. It all Started with a Voodoo Priest On Tv Claiming he Can Cleanse a Person's Soul and Remove all sins From their past. From his Method, He would Break down scopolamine or commonly referred to as Devil's Breath Into a Powered form. The Voodoo priest Mixed Scopolamine with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. A type of Fungus that Takes over the Mind. This method is known as "Rebirth" Claimed by the Voodoo Priest. It was going Successful for the Voodoo Priest but after awhile the Victims Started to Behave Strange. A series Of Events Took Place before the Victim Became a Mindless Corpse. Lack of Sleep, Anger, Bloodshot eyes, Depression, Numb to emotions Increase in Aggression, Increase of Dehydration, Within 5 months the People who wanted a Cleanse soul had their Flesh On their skin Rotten and Decomposing. They were Dead But Still Alive. During a "Rebirth" Process The Person who was Trying to get Cleansed Got Aggravated and Bit The Voodoo Priest on the Arm. The Ophiocordyceps unilateralis Parasite Fungus Went into his wound and he Became one of them. Weeks passed and the U.S Government said it would Pass Over within 3 months. No sign of Progress. I assume the Goverment must have Fallen Due to No Military Activity, No Cures, and No Signs of Any Human Activity. It's getting harder Each day to Scavenge for Water, Clothes, and Food. I'm tired of Hiding, I'm tried of Being Alone, I'm Desperate for Human Communication. I want someone to talk to. If your out there. Find me please, Follow these Letters that I leave Behind. It's a trail of Breadcrumbs. Find you way...

Story is told by The REAPER

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where do YOU live??

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Great as always

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really loved ur story I'd defo search for someone


Why not add a fungas type zombie


i love this?


I Messed up on the Outbreak series. I'm gonna Try and Write a Better Zombie Story. Before Commenting i want you to think for a moment. Your walking by... You read it and it's a letter someone left behind. Telling you how it started and they'll keep you updated as you follow and find more Letters If you thought you were alone in the world there is someone trying to reach out. Someone else is alive and in the same situation as you. Remember You are Not Alone...