Shapeshie is an urban myth about a little girl who has the ability to take the form of anyone she kills. In the morning between 6:00-11:59am, she seems to be a completely normal little girl. However, that's her way of fooling people. Right at noon and between 12:00pm-5:59am, she becomes her true self. When people bump into her,she asks questions such as"Who am I?", "Do you know who I am?", or "Do remember me?". If the person says "No", "Not really", or "I don't think so", she'll bring out a sharp, surgical needle and kill you after saying "I'm you!", stealing your appearance to trick others. Although, if you say "Yes", "I think so", "Absolutely", etc, she then asks "Then what's my REAL name?". This is the hardest question you'll get from her, this is because most people are unaware of her real name. And saying that you don't know will also get you killed. So the only way to get off scott free is to tell her what her name is, and she'll let you pass.

Story is told by Neonbronythekitty

S L. K

so ???? wut the ****z her name ??