I started to pack my clothes or at lease what little bit left I had when I realized the ghost or entity in my house was angry and started throwing my pots around the kitchen.I screamed at the top of my tiny lungs."WHY ARE YOU TORMENTING ME?!"I knew I was screaming at something because I could feel there presents in my room.I went out to eat dinner at Tye's BBQ.I got back and I fell asleep around 3 am because all I heard was noises coming from the basement.I wasn't scared though because I have lived with it for years. I woke up and ate some cereal realizing I still needed pack up the kitchen.I started to pack the kitchen around 1pm and when I finished I could feel the anger in the room from the entity in my presents.Igot the stuff in my car and left around 6:30pm.When I got to the new house I found a note on the counter that had my name on it.I folded it and in bright red marker it read...... CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASY!

Story is told by laila101101