when I was about 9, I lived in a small apartment complex. It had a long hallway that circled into the living room. The hall and living room had two entrances that we're connected. It was like one large loop.

I woke up one morning and left my room and started walking to the livingroom to watch tv. Nobody was awake, so I was happy that I got the whole tv to myself. I was walking down the hall, and turned into the living room when I noticed I wasn't alone. There was someone sitting on the couch. It was a girl, sitting with a straight back and her hands folded in her lap. She was just sitting there watching me. It took me a couple seconds untill I realized they looked JUST like me. Identical. I was frozen in shock and terror. She got up and smiled at me. And I ran to my room and closed the door as fast as I could and didn't come back out untill I was sure everyone woke up. I told my family the story, and they believed me. Our family has been through a lot of supernatural experiences, so it wasn't some unbelievable thing to them. My mom told her friend about my story. He told her that it could have been a tear in time. Look up the definition of tear in time. I don't know if that's what it was. But man was it scary!!

Story is told by Lily kitty