I remember this as if it was yesterday. This story was actually 3 year's ago. One day my parents decided to leave me at home. While they attend a work party. So they said to lock the door and to let nobody in. They left and then it was me all alobe. Mind you, i was 12 turning 13 next week. So i decided to watch a scary movie called the conjuring. Then i was getting tired so i decided to head upstairs. As i was heading upstairs i heard weird noises coming from down the hall. i decided to not check it out because i was afraid of the dark. So i just hid in the hallway closet. Then i heard this girl scream come from behind me. I turn my flashlight on my phone and come across a old lady . She looked just like the old lady that was in the movie. She then jumped at me and i wound up in my bed the next day. I sweat was running down my face as i recall the morning. It waa just a dream as i lay down i fell heavy breathing on my neck. I prayed then turned around to see the lady from the movie. She grabs me and boom I'm a goner. The End

Story is told by queenshy01

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