In 2006 there was a movie called "dark web" it was a story of a girl and a club at the internet. The girl was very curious about this website so she signed in. There were rules in the dark web well... it's kinda like the youtube we're you have more views. The master/leader will command her what to do but a few days later it got really out of hand. One day the master/leader we're announcing a meeting and who ever gets more views will be the next master/leader the girl has 39,000,000,000,000,000 views. The girl's boyfriend was spying in the bushes watching her in the meeting the girl's boyfriend attacked the master/leader they both pretend that they were fighting. While they were fighting the master/leader said he only do it because he was very tired to rule the website so he said that the person who has more views will be the next person to rule the website he also said that he was forced to sign in. But what they didn't know is that it was a real story. (WARNING): do not sign in to the dark web they say that even if you close your device they can still see you and take your adress and your phone number.

Story is told by miss lavender


This reminds me of the red room story that I made



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that is funny

gd lex yt

I see you wow

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im on the dark web i love the stories and games n stuff