their was an old house back in 1950s their was a little girl named annabelle and she lives with her family. One day annabelle had an accident she was run over by a car and thats why she died. The old house was destroyed and was rebuild as an apartment. One day two people moved in the apartment a little girl and her mother. The little girl had a doll named" raggedy anne "the doll was actually famous in 1950s. Annabelle was a ghoust and was really board but when she saw the doll she possesed it making the doll move by its own. In the next day the little girl played with the doll but when she played the doll the doll was talking to her. The little girl was horrified and thought it was a dream and didn't play it for the whole day. In the other day the little girl started playing it again but it keeps teleporting from 1 room to another thats when things get really wierd. The mother called a priest to come over there. The priest prayed the doll and felt something strange the priest said "do not touch the doll" but a boy keeps bullying it telling it something like "your just a doll annabelle you don't scare me you can't even hurt any body" thats when annabelle got really angry. One day the boy was driving a car and crushed into a tree luckily the boy survived the crush and had a huge injury in his hand. One day the little girl saw a dark book behind the doll. (According to Legend):The doll was placed in an old house and was put in the glass and sorrounded with bible books and candles. (Another Legend):The book was known as the mysterious book of shadows and is known to be lost forever. A man was inspired to make a movie called "Annabelle the doll". search in the internet and you can also search the story or photos of it.

Story is told by miss lavender

The Ghost Hunter 92

Really scary and creepy story but it is really enjoyable keep up the good work

I̟ s̟e̟e̟ u

love anabelle the story

Scary Clown Girl