Mary, Mary, come out and play with us said the children from the town nearby, "Oh but I will not" answered Mary "You are wicked little children living wicked littles lies" the children were confused by this as they were everytime, "We are nice little children" replied the children. "I said I will not and I mean it, so leave before I curse you all" the children left in a hurry, giggling but afraid for they were always told by there parents that Mary's mother was a witch of the meanest vilest kind, never to be trusted or she will take your heart and first destroy it then devour it. Later during the dead of the night one of the children came back, this child was getting tired of being afraid of rumours and came over to prove the rumours were false, after all who was braver then a child, so filled with innocent curiousity and bittersweet delight. So they went around to the back of the house Mary lived in with her mother and into the backyard. They crossed the backyard and headed to the backdoor but saw no one inside, the child made to leave but stepped on a piece of paper, what is this? Thought the child, I am lucky that father made me learn how to read -You must read this out loud or it will not work.- A odd thing to put on a note the child thought, I'll do what it says to be safe then, and with that the child kept reading "Maryland, Maryland, come, play, with, me, no because you are a vile little child, meet with me tomorrow and we will see" "Maryland, Maryland, come, play, with, me, no because you are a rude little child, meet with me tomorrow and we will see" "Maryland, Maryland, come, play, with, me, yes because you are a wicked little child living a wicked little lie sneaking into other's homes and reading there belongings, yes I will gladly play with you until you are worn out and I must find someone else to play with" The next day the town was in a uproar for the mayor's daughter was gone leaving behind only two notes, the first was in the handwriting of the mayor's daughter and it said -I am so sick and tired of everyone calling Mary's mother a witch and not saying why, I am going to go and prove to you adults that you are all wrong- The second was in a handwriting that was not from anyone in town and it simply said this -I thank you for giving me a new body, my latest one was wearing out, signed Mary Land- And with that the mayor was filled with sorrow and rage and marched upon Mary's house with a mob, all of them screaming for the blood of Mary the witch, when they got there however, all they saw was a empty house that had collapsed years ago, the mayor then saw that his daughter was lost to him, his sweet little Mary.

Story is told by Bloody Jill


I live in Maryland

Bloody Jill

I couldn't get the idea of this out of my head, sorry if it's awful but it was constantly in my head and I found it hard to think of anything to write.