when i was little me and my family visited scottlands and since my birthday was tomorrow my family are getting ready i was out in the woods reading my book when i suddenly heard a strange noise it was a horse ! it had a beautiful mane , has a white skin and sparkling eyes i tried to get a closer look but my grandma called me for dinner and i said "i'll be right there !" on the next day my grandma went to the store to buy me a gift while my mother is decorating the house for my birthday and since everbody is busy i went out to find the horse and then i saw it close to the river and i was suprised ! i saw a woman in the bushes . She said "come touch the horse there's nothing to be afraid of little girl " she was looking very strange and when i said "no thanks im not feeling good about this " she pushed me towards the horse and she laughs like a psycho then she just disappeared i looked at the horse and i was stuck . The horse turned black and its eyes become red it was about to drown me in to the river when my grandma showed up and shoot the gun pointing to my hand . the horse drowned with its blood after that i had a huge injury in my hand . My grandma apologieze to me for shooting the gun to my hand and then she told me that "that was the reason my father died" she also said that kelpies can disguise as humans .

Story is told by lady mystery


you got that from snarled and the last sentence about your father that was the only time you mentioned him