My dad and his wife Jen decided to stay at a hotel for the week. It was neat kind of classy. Nothing unusual. The first wierd thing that happend was after we went swimming. After we hung our swimsuits up over the bath to dry. The next morning my dad found an extra pair of kid swim trunks next to his. It was very strange and that is what made me want to right this. That wasnt the only thing the happened though. The next morning my cousins and I went to grab some breakfast from downstairs. We waited by the elevator for it to come. All three of us heard talking in the elevator as it opened, when it opened a the way no one was thier. I tried pushing it off, but I just couldn't. A little bit ago I rode the elevator down stairs. I always hated the fact of riding down an elevator without someone I know. On the way ot stopped on floor two and a man stepped in. I got an uneasy feeling, but It could just be the fact all I ever do is read creepy pasta. He was just staring at me as I tried to keep my gaze from his. I swear his eyes were black, but once agian i read creepypasta. When I got to the first floor I stepped out, but the man stayed in the elevator. Thier was no way to go down further. I walked to go do the stuff my dad asked me to do. Right now I'm typing this and I sure I just heard knocking,but I cant see anyone. My dad and stepmom wont wakeup, so I hope it's just my cousins. They usually yell through the door though. Wish me luck

Story is told by SprinkleXD


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