My mother told us when we were young children,Janet, Nikolai, when you get older you will need to put your future in your own hands, otherwise you will end up ruined without a penny to your name. Nikolai, your going to learn your father's trade, Janet, your going to learn from me how to be a good wife for your future husband. Yes mother we replied like the good children we were. It has been several years since that day, several years since Nikolai ran away from home. Mother took to telling me, Janet, don't ever end up like your good for nothing big brother, so afraid to work so that he chooses to run instead. Yes mother I replied in kind,I learnt a lot more from mother then I ever did working under father learning his trade, I did so like wearing pretty dresses, and me and you do look so alike that it is hard for anyone to tell us apart, that is why I knew this would work dear little sister, nobody would be able to tell I had taken your place in the world. How are you liking your home under the ground Janet? Mother was right to tell me to put my future in my hands.

Story is told by Bloody Jill

S L. K

?-WUT !!! so...?-big brOther iz a kill'r "drag-queen".... & kill'd lil sissy, so he cOuld wear her frilly dresses & find a hubby ???? ?-?-?-(fantaztic?️twist)?