4.the slit mouth woman once pretty woman btw this is back story part.she was so pretty. she goes up to everyone in the village and asked them "am I pretty".they all would reply with a yes.she was encouraged enough that she cheated on her husband. and he found out.he grab a giant pare of scissors. he cut her mouth open with the scissors ear to ear.a few days later she killed her self.some time later she came back to the human world.she was wearing a hospital mask.with a giant pare of scissors. she goes up to kids or children.and ask them."am I pretty".if they reply with a yes she cuts there mouth and say."I'm happy you like my beauty so I'll bring my beauty all across the world".and so she kept on doing it over and over.one kid said your average. she got confused. a month later she was the kid again. she killed her.and another kid dropped candy.then she ate them. mk that's all for now! :3

Story is told by Augustgachacatlover

non poopy

I love it