This a story few will know but Dann is it weird There was an experiment in 1986 were scientists researched is it possible to talk to God so they searched for someone who had nothing to live for when they found a 74 year old man so they started experimenting on him they cut off his eyes,nose and they even tried to take out his brain but it didn't work so they continued the project they asked the man if he heard anything the old man responded "Yes,I can hear him,he's saying I'll be in a better place" Scientists just thought he was crazy when the old man started saying name's of the scientists dead relatives and that's when scientists were kinda creeped out and excited at the same time when the scientists asked what God's saying the old man responded "He's furious with us he...he has abandoned us all" That's when the old man dropped dead

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

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