3.the snow woman once there was a boy and his father.they where in the snow and looking for a place to stay.they set up camp.after that they went to the camp fire.they sat down and they where cooking hot dogs :3. then they saw a woman in white and light blue.she went up to the dad.she put her hand on him.he was blue and frozen.the dad was dead.the girl said."don't tell anyone what you said".but can you guys keep a secret? back to the story.the boy was sad and scared.he went back home to see his sister. when he got back home he was still shocked.his sister asked him what's wrong.he said dad died...his sisters eyes glowed. she disappeared. then next to the boy was the snow woman.she said."you didn't keep our secret".she froze him.and died.

Story is told by Augustgachacatlover


Btw this is my second account for this and yes I'll make that my next one :)

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

Can you make more urban legends like the PoPoPo urban legend