Jodie was running through the halls of Alcatraz. "this has to be a nightmare....' she thought to herself, but the lashes on her back were for too real for this to be a scary dream. She stops to catch her breath and looks up in fear. "it can't be.... I.... I was just here". she had been running in a giant circle. Then the sound comes. tye sound of a chain being drug across the floor and a whip hitting the walls followed by a voice. "Jodie", the stranger says. "you can't hide from the man who raised you, Jodie. I know where you are. I can hear you breathing". Jodie turned to run in the opposite direction but it was too late.... the man was standing behind her. The man grabbed Jodie by the neck as if to strangle her, then she blacked out.

Story is told by Long John

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