Dear diary, I recently moved to a small town called Brines. On the 4th day here Mom got you for me. I start school tomorrow, I can't wait to meet lots of new people. It's 10:27 right now, I better go to sleep soon. Goodnight, diary. Dear diary, At school today I met these two other girls, they were really nice I think we're friends now. I think I should probably give you more information about me, I totally forgot to introduce myself haha. My name's Aly, I'm in 6th grade, 11 years old, I think thats all for now. Dear diary, Today my friends, Amy and Bree asked me to hang out after school at 4:00, it's now 3:43 they said to meet me at the park, I better start walking there. Aly walked outside, she saw a boy nextdoor and he was mowing the lawn. She hadn't seen him at school before though. She waved at him but he just ignored her and kept his head in down. Aly continued walking until she arrived at the park. "Heyo girl" "Hi Bree, hi Amy" She replied. "Do you guys know anything about that one boy, black short hair, I seen him nextdoor from me, I hadn't seen him at school" Amy gave her a strange look, "That's Cody" Bree interrupted, "Stay away from him, hes a creep" Aly looked confused. "What's so bad about him?" "I heard that he's crazy, he's always heard talking to someone whos not there, and everyone says he kills people" Said Amy. "Oh I doubt that" "Ok enough talk about that, I saw these cute shoes at the mall, how about we go get them?" Bree suggested. "Ok lets go, Aly you coming?" She nodded in response. They all headed down to the mall, "Aly go talk to that security guy, ask him where the coat department is, Amy come with me" The girls nodded, and went their ways. "Hello, Mr. Guard. Will you show me the coat department?" "Of course, follow me" The guard walked off with her following. Meanwhile Bree looked around, then she stuffed the shoes in Amy's bag, they both giggled. When Aly came back Bree told them that they don't have enough money and it's time to leave. They quickly exited, then walked to Amy's house. Bree pulled out the shoes then put them on, "What do y'all think?" "Wait Bree, I thought u didn't have enough money" They chuckled, "We stole them, duh" Amy replied. "That's not right!" Aly yelled, she slapped Amy then walked out the door. "Aly wait!" Bree ran after her, but she slipped and bumped into her. Aly shoved her out of the way, accidentally making her fall down the stairs. Horrified, she screamed. Amy rushed out, she screamed bloody murder after seeing Bree's bloody body. They called 911, an ambulance came, before they carried her away she whispered something to Aly, "I will get my revenge" Bree smirked at her terrified expression. Aly ran home crying, before she entered, she saw that boy. He wasn't mowing the lawn though, he was talking into his bag. "Hey, who are you talking to?" He turned around swiftly, "Nobody" he replied, "Yeah right, you liar" His expression suddenly turned mad, "Don't u speak to me that way!" he screamed. Aly felt threatened and wanted to defend herself, "Or else what, Cody?" Fear spread across his face, he ran inside after. Aly went into her room, she decided to write in her dairy about what happened, then went straight to bed. A sudden creak made her jolt up, "AA-" A hand wrapped around her mouth preventing Aly from screaming.... Part 2 coming soon.

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hi ur story is great but can u pls tell me how to post a story


Nice story

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That doesn't sound delicious

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nightmare girl

Ari!!! haven't seen us for a long time

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*stabs u then cuts u into lil nuggets then deep frys u* Here lil chickiesssss dinners ready


Good story but I'd like it more if I had a chicken nuggey