the thing that grabs my ankle and pulls me down 100ft i hit the bottom and i felt every bone in my body brake but i can still move so i climb out and hear almost everyone in town calling my name i call out but noone hears me then i get presented by a girl woth red hair red demon eyes and ur mouth sewn shut she tells me its my turn to *look* after the bridge by that i turn away and run i get home my mother and father are crying i hear my mother say my poor baby is dead i should have went with her i yell BUT MOM IM RIGHT HERE then i realise im a ghost so i do the only thing that i could think of so i head back to the bridge now i sit here awaiting my next victim its been 25 years and not one person has crossed the bridge yet then the next person so cross the bridge is the new person snd i can safely leave this world

Story is told by zombie killer