It wasn't to long ago when I got my first got my contract for guarding a research facility to the northeast of an island inside the Atlantic ocean. I never thought I would make it as being a mercenary but I manage to pass the tests and training along with the documents that I had to fill. But the problem was that the contract that I took was something that I learned of the risks of being a soldier of fortune. Even the most scariest and unusual things. However when I arrived to a research facility that I took the contract for guarding a post over night at the front entrance of the facility since the guards were limited to the facility at the time but I figured it was going to be a normal job like any other but that is where I was wrong. After a long talk to the CEO of the research facility about the measurements of what should be taken to prevent any reputational damages that could happen to both his company and my career as a mercenary. Even if I have no loyalties to his company. I still have respect for his company and what needs to be done. Usually people would think mercenaries are the back stabbing, greedy and evil hearted soldiers but not all fit in that category since I only want to do my job right and go by the code of ethics. However at 23:33pm. I was at my post and standing guard at the front entrance of the facility. It was mostly calm and all together boring but it had a good payment to it and I needed to get it done. Plus I need all the money I could get to have my life back the way it was and this time I will not fail since when I worked in the mines when I was younger. I was always failing and I have put effort to my job and I was good but the problem was I didn't got paid much and grew tired of working so hard for tiny scraps of money. I wanted money to get out and to live my own life away from my family who always wanted to leech on each other's checks. I took the job as a mercenary in order to leave away from my family and to have enough to live a good life. However the contract of guarding a post was something that is going to morph from a cake walk to a survival battlefield. While I was guarding for about ten minuets I happen to heard a strange noise that send chills down my spine. It was a sound like a bat screeching. The sound was coming from above me and it was very close to me. I slowly looked up and I had my right hand near to the pistol. I looked up slowly while I turned the safety off the pistol with my thumb and grabbed my pistol. I quickly drawn my pistol out and aimed it at whatever it was behind me and yelled. "Freeze!" But what I saw was something that I never saw in my life. I could still remember it's long claws on it's bird like feet and it's full body of scaly skin like a lizard. It's head however was something that looked to be like a lizard but without eyes and it's teeth were exposed like a crocodile from it's upper and lower jaw. The creature had no eyes but it made like a clicking sound with it's vocal cords. I quickly aimed my pistol at the creature and took a step back. The creature tilted it's head to the right and as I was cautiously taking a few steps back my communication system made a loud beeping sound and the creature screeched ferociously and flew directly towards me and knocked me down. It's long claws grabbed onto my shoulders and started to bury deep into my skin. It picked me up off the ground and try to fly to me to a different area. The pain of it's claws digging through my skin and flesh was unbearable to feel. The pain was as if someone took a very hot knife and stabbed me in the shoulders with it. It didn't stop me from retaliating since I was squirming to get loose. In all honesty I was high off the ground but I would rather die from impact of falling than to be eaten by whatever the hell the creature is that wanted to kill me. I manage to broke free from it's grip and I was falling from the sky. I was falling faster and faster and each second of me falling I was starting to lose my breath. I knew I was going to die and I was starting to struggle of breathing since it felt as if the air had escaped my lungs. I knew it was going to be over for me and so I accepted my fate and close my eyes and let myself die. However shortly after that I must have passed out since I woke up at a hospital in New York however I was in a lot of pain from my legs to my lower part of my back. I looked around and I notice X-ray images of my legs being broken and it seemed that femur was snapped in half and the exterior of my arm looked like a boomerang. A nurse walked in and she just began checking my IV cords that were planted to my right arm. I looked around and asked. "Where am I?" The nurse looked at me and said. "You are in the hospital however your contract in terminated and your money is used to pay for your surgery and medical bills." The nurse seem to avoided my question but I didn't really care at all since I relieved that I was away from the island or so I thought. When day turned into night I was still in the hospital bed to recover. I looked at the window and notice it was raining outside. I looked away knowing that I should be safe. A doctor walked in and asked. "Would you like to watch something?" I looked at him and I replied. "Maybe Animal Planet." The doctor turned on the TV and flipped through the channels to animal planet and it was a documentary about bats using echo location. The doctor ran out of the room since one of the patients ran out of the ER room while screaming. However I just sighed and close my eyes as I listen to the documentary to ease my mind. But I suddenly heard a flapping noise that sounded like the wings that I heard from the creature and sure enough as I looked. I turned my head only to see the creature snarling and drooling out of it's mouth.

Story is told by UndeadMercenary


Great story!

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it kept me captivated through out the whole stOry & it wuz a very well told tale ??keep using ur well rOund'd imagination, & U can ONLY get better !!!!

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well it was definetly something


Great story

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it was good I wish I had more than 2 likes


Very interesting and well written ?


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